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Halloween Crafts And Activities

Crafts and activities are a dime a dozen. We’ve compiled everything from online to offline, from spooky and scary to sweet. There’s bound to be something in here which will elevate the Halloween spirit in your home.

13 Great Family Halloween Ideas

If you need a few family Halloween, we have 13 Halloween activities and crafts you can do with your family to bring some spooky cheer for all to fear! Freeze bananas? Potions party? Zombie boogers? Yeah...we got it all in our 13 Halloween ideas for families.

31 Super Fun Halloween Activities Kids Can Find Online

Cheap costumes? Cool pumpkins? Get online inspiration for learning, doing, and having fun -- in only a few clicks. Halloween is one of our favorite times of year because families can have so much fun together with -- and without -- media. From spooky movies, music, and games to fun crafts, snacks, and parties, October offers a month packed with family pleasures. We culled the Web for inspiration to get kids and families learning, doing, and having fun and have found some super fun online Halloween activities for kids.

online halloween activities

Halloween Treat Ideas

What kind of treats do you give out for Halloween? From the scale of full-size candy bar to toothbrushes where do you stand? Some of us tend to be closer to the toothbrush side, but not all the way there! Everyone gives out candy, and if we’re honest kids don’t need that much candy. So here are some less popular Halloween treat ideas.

Ten Spooky And Scary Halloween Crafts For Kids

Do your own kids a favor this Halloween and get them crackin’ on these adorable art projects, helping them to create fond memories of awesome spooky and scary Halloween fun! They’ll thank you later for making the effort! Spider pops, toilet paper roll monsters, and more...we have 10 spooky Halloween crafts for kids

Halloween crafts for kids

Printable Halloween Magnet Poetry

Who doesn’t love a good holiday Halloween poem? How about a little spooky wordplay? Our free printable Halloween magnet poetry will keep everyone at your house entertained and creeped out all month long.

Printable Halloween Cupcake Toppers

We’ve got more low-ink printable Halloween party supplies to help you throw a wildly spooky bash. This time we offer up Halloween cupcake toppers —just the ticket for giving your store-bought (or homemade) cupcakes a little holiday flair.

Chalkboard Halloween House And More Halloween Ideas!

Check out how to build this adorable chalkboard haunted house, along with other great Halloween party and craft ideas!

Chalkboard Halloween House

“The Raven” Halloween Wreath

One of the most iconic gothic poems comes to life with this wonderful Halloween wreath idea capturing the true essence of Poe’s “The Raven”. It’s the perfect crafty addition for a Halloween home.

Halloween Foam Photo Frames

Easy? Yep. That's how we celebrate holiday fun with 30 roughneck kids who won't remember who gave them what anyway. We hit the jackpot on some Halloween stuff marked down, so we turned it into something spooktacular in these super easy Halloween photo frames.

Egg Carton Bat

Here's a kid-friendly Halloween egg carton bat craft that is sure to be a hit. Head over to Domestic Charm for the step by step details.

Halloween egg carton bat

Halloween Decorations

One of the most traditional activities for Halloween is decorating. Some Halloween-goers have even turned their entire homes into haunted houses! We’re not suggesting that. But we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the most outstanding Halloween decorations.

Our Favorite Halloween Homes This Year!

Halloween is the month to eat, drink, and be scary! One of the more recent crazes is the over-zealous urge to amp up your home for this bootiful holiday. We found some of our favorite, trending Halloween homes this year! AND give you some tips in case you’re thinking of decorating your home. Happy Haunting!

Our Favorite Halloween Homes

Halloween Home Decor

Looking for awesome Halloween home decor ideas? Here are 10 easy projects to add some more haunt to your house! Spider web frames, window decorations, bat’ll find something you’ll like in our best Halloween home decor article.

Halloween Decor: From All Out To Just Simple

It’s okay to want to go out for Halloween. It’s okay to be simple too! We all have a special way of celebrating this holiday. But if you really love decorating for Halloween...then you’re going to want to check this out.

Easy DIY Halloween Decor

Who says Halloween decor has to be expensive and complex to be great? Here are three easy DIY Halloween decor favorites straight from our homes to yours.

DIY halloween decor

Halloween Window Decorations

This project from Craftzine comes complete with downloadable PDF's and instructions that you can take to your local print shop (or if you are ninja enough, enlarge on your own printer). We’re decking our house out with these Halloween window decorations for Halloween night!

Printable Halloween Party Banner

We love printables! Halloween is a blast—so many fun DIY projects, decorations, and printable Halloween party goodies are available these days. The only drawback? Those projects tend to be a wee bit heavy on the dark side...and big downer if you’re trying to be economical with your printer ink. Not with this low ink printable Halloween party banner!

The Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins are the quintessential symbol of Halloween and the harvest. Not only are they a central piece to what the season represents, they are oh-so-fun to decorate and make come to life. We have some clever and creative spins on what you can do with pumpkins this Halloween season.

10 Ways To Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving

Put down those carving tools and pick an easier way, and longer-lasting pumpkins, with these no-carve ideas! Sometimes you just don't feel like hauling out the carving kits and get into the giant mess of carving pumpkins. Not to mention that if the weather is too warm, your carefully carved pumpkin literally melts on your porch. So we found ten ways that you can decorate pumpkins without carving them!

10 Spray Painted Pumpkin Ideas For Halloween

A carved pumpkin is cool, but a spray painted pumpkin is way cooler. Plus, you get the whole bonus of your one-of-a-kind pumpkin lasting longer than a few days before turning inside out and falling totally apart. We cover 10 spray paint pumpkin ideas for Halloween.

How To Spray Paint Minion Pumpkins for Halloween

These minion pumpkins are easy to make and show stoppers on your porch or that family pumpkin carving (or spray painting) contest. We'll walk you through step-by-step instructions to create your very own minions!

Spray Paint Minion Pumpkins

DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins

Here's a great use for that large can of chalkboard paint you have on your shelf - Chalkboard Pumpkins! A Halloween advent pumpkin calendar? Ever-changing pumpkin faces? These chalkboard pumpkins are not only easy to make, they’re super useful to!

Thumbtack Pumpkins

Loving these ideas for Thumbtack Pumpkins that make decorating or Halloween and Fall simple! We love this idea from Mom Colored Glasses to decorate a pumpkin with an organic, free-flowing thumbtack design.

Modern Pumpkin With Paper

A modern pumpkin look with minimal work! Some of us are wanting a modern slant to our Halloween decor, and with this modern pumpkin idea you're only limited by the thousands of great paper patterns out there! We ran across this fantastic idea from In My Own Style to wrap a pumpkin in a cool patterned paper napkin.

Rhinestone Pumpkins

We love this idea for rhinestone pumpkins for Halloween decoration. Don't use a real pumpkin, invest in a fake pumpkin so you can keep this art forever. Just a little spray paint and some rhinestones and you'll be set for years. We cover all the details on rhinestone pumpkins here.

Halloween Costumes

The good. The bad. And the oh-so ugly. From the tips and tricks, the DIYs, and what you need to NOT do this Halloween when it comes to costumes.

Need Halloween Costume Shopping Tips?

We got you covered. Here are 12 of the most simple Halloween costume shopping tips. Spend more time this Halloween enjoying the holiday instead of fussing over the minutiae of costumes.

24 Of The Worst Kid’s Halloween Costume FAILS

Where do we even start with this? Here are 24 Of The Worst Kid's Halloween Costume FAILS ever. Don't even think about a Halloween costume until you read our guide on the top Halloween costume mistakes to avoid.

Halloween Costume FAILS

10 Halloween Costumes You Make With a Cardboard Box

Do you want a creative costume for your kid this Halloween? These DIY Cardboard Box Costumes for kids will get your creative juices flowing and show you how easy it is to make a costume that is fun, cheap and unique.

DIY Kid Costumes For a Handmade Halloween

Looking for some great ideas on making costumes for your child's Halloween? Get started this weekend and you'll be on the ball for ghoul's night! Here are some clever DIY kid costumes.

Easy And Cheap Rubiks Cube Costume

How do you make a rubiks cube Halloween costume? You’re only going to need 6 supplies for this.’s only a box, but we only spent $10 for this super crafty and fun Halloween costume.

26 Awesome Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Is it a special privilege to be pregnant over Halloween? Yes! We’ve searched the web and compiled some of the best pregnant Halloween costume this creative world has to offer. Let us know which one of these are you favorite!

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Looking for some Halloween costume inspiration? These celebrities bring the Halloween heat! Celebrities go ALL OUT for Halloween. We cover the good, the bad, and the ugly in our Celebrity Halloween costumes roundup.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes
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Everything You Need To Know About Halloween Candy

Have you heard the advice that you should only buy the Halloween candy that you don't like so you won't eat it? Solid strategy, but it doesn’t always work. Well...the votes have been cast and tallied. We give you our favorites and the country’s favorite candy for Halloween.

Popular Halloween Candy

Repurposing Halloween Candy

We hate throwing away candy every year. It’s almost unavoidable too. We have some very practical tips on how to repurpose all of that Halloween candy.

What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Costumes are cast aside, decorations are coming down…now what to do with all the leftover Halloween candy in the house? If you are like us, letting the kids go hog-wild with the sugar just isn’t an option. We have a fun little Halloween candy recipe your family will love.

A Dietitian’s Perspective On How To Handle Halloween Candy

A dietitian hears this question a lot during Halloween, “As a mom and dietitian, how do you handle Halloween candy with your kids?” People are super surprised by the answer. And the answer might help guide you this Halloween when you’re overwhelmed with all that candy.

dietician on halloween candy

Jimmy Kimmel’s I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy

Be prepared to lose your pumpkins! We seriously can’t stop laughing. Jimmy Kimmel is the destroyer of Halloween dreams. You might think it’s kind of mean to see kids put through this, but if you can watch these clips over the years without laughing, then you might have a solid opinion. Otherwise...laugh away.

The Best In Halloween Recipes And Food

One of the BEST aspects of Halloween is undeniably the food and the desserts. We’ve cobbled together some of our favorite Halloween recipes and food ideas to bring the Halloween flavor into your holiday celebrations.

The Best Non-Candy Halloween Treats

It’s a stressful holiday for us Moms with diabetics, peanut allergies, gluten allergies and other health concerns. The unfortunate alternative could be just not trick or treating at all, but what fun is that? Here are 10 of the best non-candy Halloween treats to treat yourself to this Halloween.

Best Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Fun And Healthy Halloween Food

With Halloween, we’re always thinking food. Yummy, sugary treats are always delish, but for our little ones we are always on the lookout for healthy snacks that will fortify them and distract them from all the junk that they inevitably get in their treat bags. Halloween can include healthy Halloween food

Healthy Halloween Dinners

Our family seems to center our traditions around food – no wonder we have such a hard time losing weight! So why should Halloween be any different? Here’s a holiday our society has built on dressing up and going door to door asking for candy. We have a couple of healthy dinners we serve on or near Halloween.

Halloween Party Drinks For Kids

Hosting a bunch of little ghouls and goblins this year? They're thirsty little suckers. Get festive with your Halloween get-together this year and keep reading for 9 Halloween Party Drinks for Kids. There's nothing like festive hydration. Enjoy!

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Pizza

Looking to scare up some fun in the kitchen? Try the Jack-o-Lantern Pizza from the California Pizza Kitchen Family Cookbook. It’s only seven ingredients, but it’s packed with Halloween flavor and fun!

Last Minute Halloween Appetizers

We are getting our costumes sorted out and figuring out what to take to our big family Halloween party. This year if you’re in charge of an appetizer to bring and love spooky and fun, you’ll love these 6 Last-Minute Halloween Appetizers. They’re perfect for any Halloween buffet table.

Halloween Appetizers

Halloween Quesadillas Recipe

We love Halloween food. Cute little candy corn cookies, pumpkin cake cookies, pumpkin pancakes, etc. Here is what we do not like: Disgusting Halloween food that makes you take a step back or gag. Seriously. We know Halloween is supposed to be spooky and all of that business, but we really don't want to eat a cookie that looks like an amputated finger. Not so much. If you want to delight your little ghoul with a festive lunch, try this cute idea for jack-o-lantern Halloween quesadillas from Monster Mama. Get out your sharpest knife!

Halloween Sugar Cookies Recipe

These Halloween Sugar Cookies are sweet, not spooky. Halloween kicks off the unofficial sugar cookie season. It’s true! Halloween sugar cookies are likely the first batch you’ve made since Easter. Here’s a Halloween sugar cookie recipe to get you back to that sugar cookie bliss.

Halloween Sugar Cookies

Candy Corn Theme Desserts For Halloween Parties

Put your candy corn in action with these recipes for 7 Candy Corn Themed Desserts for Halloween Parties. Fire up that oven and enjoy!

Desserts For Halloween Parties

Witch Hat Cookies

So cute and easy! And who doesn't love fudge stripe cookies. Those things are addictive. These little witch hat cookies are the perfect treat for a school Halloween party, for neighborhood phantoming, and just for a cute treat for the kids. 

Witch Hat Cookies

Halloween: What To Craft And Cook For a Spooky Good Time

If you’re reading this, Halloween is most likely right around the corner. You may be down to weeks to pack in all of the Halloween goodness that your house can handle. Here are a few of my favorite Halloween ideas for crafting and cooking up some spooky fun…

Five Halloween Class Treats

Halloween seems to be one of the few pro-sugar holidays left in existence. Still, I promote simplicity when buying, making, and assembling 20-40 Halloween class treats. Here are my go-to's Halloween class treats.

Tootsie Roll Halloween Ghost Treats

Attention, this is the easiest Halloween class treat in the world. EVAR! Five supplies. That’s it. This tootsie roll Halloween ghost treat is so easy all you need is one picture to show you how to do it!

Spider Peanut Butter Blossoms

Remember the traditional Peanut Butter Blossoms with Hershey's kisses? Check out these cute peanut butter cup versions. Too cute, even if they are spiders. Confessions of a Cookbook Queen has outdone herself with these Spider Peanut Butter Blossom cookies.

Spider Peanut Butter Blossoms

16 Halloween Pinterest Food Fails

So we’ve shared a bunch of amazing food and recipe ideas for your Halloween holiday. But what about the un-amazing food which have failed so miserably that they have a special place on the interwebs? Check out these epic Halloween food fails.

Halloween Pinterest Food Fails

Miscellaneous Halloween: Everything In Between...

It’s not always about food, recipe, costumes, and candy. There’s a little more to Halloween than the popular stuff. We talk safety tips, interesting Halloween facts, and the little things that make Halloween tick.

Mama’s Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a busy holiday. And sometimes safety can be neglected. Here are seven Halloween safety tips you definitely want to keep in mind when trick or treating, and not all of them are super obvious.

Interesting Facts About Halloween {Infographic}

Candy and costume facts. Pumpkins. And parents stealing their kids’ candy?’s all in there. Here's a Halloween infographic full of fun facts. I don't care what anyone says, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are the #1 Halloween treat. End of story.

That One Time A Dracula Melted Our Hearts

Not all Draculas are demonic with bad intentions. Watch what happens when a young Dracula discovers an empty candy bowl on Halloween. This is probably one of the cutest Halloween things we’ve ever seen and will surely make your Halloween heart grow 5 sizes!

One Mother’s Case Against Scary Movies

Excerpt: “When I was a kid I went to a friend’s house and her older brother happened to be watching a Friday the 13th movie on...what was that thing? Oh, right, VHS. (Remember when that was a thing?) Anyway, I watched Jason stalk and slash a lady. So that was nice. I didn’t sleep well for the rest of my life. Psychological scars? I has them.” Her experience with scary movies doesn’t end there either.

Case Against Scary Movies

50 Halloween Movies For Kids Of All Ages

Use this Halloween Family Movie List to get you started binge watching spooky flicks. Witches, monsters, aliens and everything in between will put you in the perfect mood to celebrate Halloween. A lot of these movies are found on Netflix, are free to watch with Amazon Prime or are part of ABC Family 13 Nights of Halloween. Which is your favorite Halloween family movie?

Halloween Movies For Kids

The Best Halloween Celebrations In The U.S.

Neighborhood trick-or-treating is so old fashioned. This year, you can celebrate Halloween at museums, zoos, theme parks, even on cruise ships. Here are five of our favorite Halloween celebrations in five states across the country.

Dealing With Tricky Halloween Requests

Gone are the days of pumpkin and bee costumes. Now, the bloodier the disguise, the better. And your kids would much rather trick-or-treat sans parents. So how are you supposed to manage your cool ghoul-without being a witch? Here’s how to deal with those tricky Halloween requests.

5 Haunted Lighthouses To Climb If You Dare

Every good ghost story requires an isolated location, howling winds, and things that go bump in the night. You’ll find plenty of these at America’s most exciting haunted lighthouses, where paranormal lore and legend make for an especially memorable visit during the spooky season. Each of these beautiful beacons is said to have at least one resident spirit, so grab a flashlight and explore this fall—if you dare.

Haunted Lighthouses

The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Time At Disneyland

Halloween Time at Disneyland is EVERY Mickey Mouse lovin', Pumpkin Beignet Eatin,' Traveling Mama's Dream. Every year starting September 6th through Halloween, both parks are transformed into a spooky showdown of costumed characters and delicious delectables, haunted parades and villain celebrating shows, and ALL OF THE MAGIC HALLOWEEN TIME HAS TO OFFER.

Start The BOO On Your Street!

Start the BOO on your street and spread a little spooky cheer in your neighborhood! Want to get the BOO rolling on your street? Pack two baskets of Halloween goodies and print two signs to include, one saying "We've Been Booed!" and one with instructions on how to keep the BOO going. We have all the details in our starting the Boo in your neighborhood instructions.


mamas guide to disneyland

The Mama’s Guide To Disneyland

Here’s what every Mama needs to know about Disneyland. The Mama’s Guide to Disneyland provides planning, hotels, must-see attractions, resources, food tips, travel tips and more!

Sugar Cookie Recipe

The Mama’s Guide to Christmas Recipes

Cookies? Goodies? Breakfast? Dinner? Christmas is right around the corner and are you ready? We have the Mama’s Guide to Christmas recipes to help ease the stress and enhance the spirit during this holiday season. Enjoy!

West African Peanut Soup Recipe

The Mama’s Guide to Soups

Here’s what every Mama needs to know about Soup! The Mama’s Guide to Soups provides the best soup recipes, side dishes, soup tips, and more!

Gigi Hadid The Mask Halloween Costume

BEST Halloween Costume Ideas For 2021

From celebrities crushing the costume game to clever-but-easy DIY Halloween costumes for the entire family, here is your ultimate Halloween costume inspiration guide for 2021!

Image placeholder title

DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

I used the word Halloween in the title, but admittedly, we don’t actually celebrate Halloween by trick or treating door.

whole 30 guide

The Mama’s Guide to Whole 30

Here’s what every Mama needs to know about Whole30. The Mama’s Guide to Whole30 provides Whole30 recipes, tips, advice, shopping lists and more!

Posts of Note: Halloween Awesomeness

I was going to call this “Posts of Note: Halloween Favorites”, but as I collected these links, I was compelled to raise the stakes on my title.