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10 Ways to Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving

Put down those carving tools and pick an easier way, and longer-lasting pumpkins, with these no-carve ideas!
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Sometimes you just don't feel like hauling out the carving kits and get into the giant mess of carving pumpkins. Not to mention that if the weather is too warm, your carefully carved pumpkin literally melts on your porch. So I found ten ways that you can decorate pumpkins without carving them! You can use a lot of these ideas on real or faux pumpkins, but no matter which you use, at least there'll be no guts and seeds on your table.

I have to start with my friend Kami (who is a paper craft genius) and her bat pumpkin.

bat-pumpkin no biggie

I made these "eeek" pumpkins, also from No Biggie, last year and they were so cute going up on the steps of my porch.

eeeek pumpkins no biggie

A fantastic painted monogram pumpkin tutorial from The Butlers:

monogram pumpkin tutorial

There can't be anything easier in pumpkin decoration than creating patterns with washi tape from Real Simple.

washi tape pumpkins

Super dramatic pumpkins with rhinestone from BHG.

BHG rhinestone pumpkin

Thumb Tack Pumpkins! First, from Mom Colored Glasses:

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thumbtack pumpkins mom colored glasses

Fantastic gold pumpkins from Madigan Made.


Lovely thumb-tacked monogrammed pumpkins from All in a Day

silver monogram thumbtack pumpkins

Using a great patterned napkin to decorate your pumpkin from In My Own Style.

Modern paper pumpkins

EASY glitter pumpkins from The Shabby Nest

Easy Glitter Pumpkins


10 No Carve Pumpkins

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Modern paper pumpkins

Modern Pumpkin with Paper

A modern pumpkin look with minimal work!

thumbtack pumpkins mom colored glasses

Thumbtack Pumpkins

Loving these ideas for Thumbtack Pumpkins that make decorating or Halloween and Fall simple!

BHG rhinestone pumpkin

Rhinestone Pumpkins

I so love this idea for rhinestone pumpkins for Halloween decoration.

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10 Ways to Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving

Sometimes you just don’t feel like hauling out the carving kits and get into the giant mess of carving pumpkins.


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