Easy DIY Halloween Decor


I'm not exactly crafty, but I love the idea of making Halloween decorations alongside my son, Javier, because it gives us a chance to show off his artwork and spend time together. Here are three easy DIY Halloween decor favorites straight from our house to yours:

1. Frame your little one’s Halloween art. The easiest thing to do here is give them a piece of construction or other drawing paper the size of a frame you already have, and just switch out the picture. Voila! I placed this Halloween bat from kindergarten in our dining room.

Halloween 001

2. Make edible mummies. Wrap candy bars with drugstore gauze and attach wiggle eyes ($5.25 for 100 pieces at Oriental Trading). Fill a bowl or platter for decoration, then hand them out to trick-or-treaters on the 31st. Just for fun I opted for asymmetrical and a third eye on one of my DIY mummies. Anything goes!

Halloween 003

3. Spook up a room. Drape furniture with white sheets and use black taper candles in candelabras. I haven’t gotten around to bringing this idea to life this year (hey, I’ve got some time), but it’s one of the ones I’m most psyched about.

What are your easy DIY Halloween tricks?