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13 Great Family Halloween Ideas

Ideas to churn some spooky cheer for all to fear!
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If you need a few family Halloween ideas, I found 13 activities and crafts you can do with your family to bring some spooky cheer for all to fear.

Freeze bananas and make them into ghosts!

Freeze bananas and turn them into ghosts

Freeze bananas and turn them into ghosts

Help your kids throw a Potions Party (great for you Muggles)

potions party

Make green popcorn zombie boogers!

zombie boogers

A no-sew ghost banner for your ghouls

no sew ghost banner

Stir up some blueberry eyeball punch

Eyeball Punch

Fight breast cancer and celebrate Halloween with a Pink-o-Ween party

PinkoWeen Party

Bust out these dead-simple pumpkin muffins recipe using ingredients you already have

Easiest pumpkin muffins
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Easy paper plate ghost craft for little hands

Paper Plate Ghosts

Encourage your mad scientists with their own party

Mad scientist party

Help keep your goblins fueled with this three bean chili

three bean chili

Delight your toddlers with Halloween quesadillas

Halloween Quesadillas

Print out a bat mobile for your window


Cutting spiderwebs is a darling twist on snowflakes


Now off with you! Engage in Halloween delights!

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13 Great Family Halloween Ideas

13 Great Family Halloween Ideas


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