Watch What Happens When Young Dracula Discovers an Empty Candy Bowl on Halloween

Kids these days!
Little Dracula Trick or Treater Empty Candy Bowl

No candy? No problem. No tricks here - just this adorable little treat! 

Watch this Young Dracula discover an empty bowl of candy and fill it right back up.

One of the cutest thing I've ever seen. My Halloween heart just grew 5 sizes!

Listen, I've left bowls full of candy on my porch while I've got out trick-or-treating with my kids and I've never returned to find any candy left. I'm positive there are kids who've taken fistfuls. There's got to be a kid or two over the years who's seen the opportunity to dump the whole bowl in their bag. 

It's cool, it's the price I'm willing to pay to hit the streets with my own kids on Halloween. 

This little video not only warms my heart, but it also inspires me to get myself a doorbell / porch cam. Think of all the brilliant Halloween moments captured right there on your porch! A little creepy to stalk your trick or treaters? Nah, it's Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


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