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Start the BOO On Your Street

Start the BOO on your street and spread a little spooky cheer in your neighborhood!

We got booed at our house the other day. While you may have a vision of neighbors jeering at us on our driveway, being booed is a great Halloween treat!

A few weeks before the first Halloween we spent in this house we opened our front door to discover our first "BOO" anonymous gift basket filled with Halloween treats and a stuffed bear that just about made my little toddler almost lose her mind.

We've been hit every year since.


Want to get the BOO rolling on your street? Pack two baskets of Halloween goodies and print two signs to include, one saying "We've Been Booed!" like the one above and one with instructions on how to keep the BOO going. Our instructions read like the following (It appears our Boo Buddy printed from Amanda's Parties To Go!)... We've got one on too! Check it out HERE.

You've Been Booed!

The phantom ghost has come to town

To leave some goodies, I see you've found!

If you wish to make this a happier fall,

Continue this greeting, this phantom call.

Frist, post this phantom where it can be seen

And leave it there until Halloween.

This will scare other phantoms who may visit,

Be sure to participate, you don't want to miss it!

Second, make 2 treats and 2 copies today,

Deliver it to 2 neighbors and that's how you play!

Don't let them see you, be sneaky no doubt...

And make sure they put their phantom ghost out.

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Next, you've got only one day so be quick!

Leave it at doors where the Phantom hasn't hit.

Deliver at dark where there isn't too much light,

Ring the doorbell and run, and stay out of sight!

And last, but not least, come join in the season,

Don't worry, be happy, you need no good reason.

This is all in good fun, and we're just trying to say...

Happy Halloween and have a great day!


I've been packing up goodies and we're waiting for dark. I'm going to dress that four year old in dark colors and send her sneaking up to the door. We'll run home and wait for the BOO sign to be popped up in our neighbor's window just like ours. Start the BOO on your street and bring a little smile to your neighbor's face with some spooky cheer!

Happy Halloween!


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