Halloween Dinners

Our family seems to center our traditions around food – no wonder I have such a hard time losing weight!
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So why should Halloween be any different?  I mean here’s a holiday our society has built on dressing up and going door to door asking for candy.   We have a couple of dinners we serve on or near Halloween.

We started with “Mummy Dogs”.  OK, so they are basically Pigs in a Blanket with a Halloween themed name.  If you have never made Mummy Dogs there are a couple of ways to make them.  My favorite way is to use frozen bread dough or rolls (the kind that have to rise before they are cooked).  After they defrost and rise, wrap them around a hot dog like you are wrapping a mummy.  It helps to pat the hot dog off with a paper towel first.  The other way to make “Mummy Dogs” is quicker because you use canned biscuits or crescent rolls instead of the frozen bread dough.  Bake both as you would the rolls.

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Last year we added another mummy dinner with “Mummy Pizzas”.  These are English muffin pizzas with another Halloween themed name.  To make these little beauties, you split an English muffin (use the whole grain and it’s even kind of healthy) and spoon on some pizza sauce.  We usually use leftover jarred spaghetti sauce.  Then you add your toppings like pepperoni save the mozzarella cheese for last so it looks like a mummy and use a couple of sliced olives for the eyes.  Bake just long enough to melt the cheese.

One of the things that make these dinners festive for us is this is pretty much the only time my kids eat them for dinner.  Occasionally I let them have something similar for lunch, but not very often.  While I usually try to go for healthier, more balanced meals, these are quick dinners for a busy time of the year.  And since they are fun, no one is complaining about what’s for dinner!