Most Popular Halloween Candy

Tell us the Halloween candy that calls your name. I can hear chocolate howling for me as I type this...

Have you heard the advice that you should only buy the Halloween candy that you don't like so you won't eat it?

Yeah right. Those Twix bars are calling my name, and I'm going to answer! I just can't make myself buy candy that I don't like. When that doorbell stops ringing, I'm going to plop down and have my own little Halloween treat.

For something to call my name, it has to be chocolate. You all can keep your Tootsie Roll pops.

Here's my breakdown...

1. Twix

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

3. Kit Kat Bars

4. M&M's (always a classic)

So how do I stack up to the rest of the country?

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (Boom. You can't go wrong.)

2. Hershey's Chocolate Bars (I wouldn't turn my nose up at it.)

3. Milky Way (Meh.)

4. Kit Kat (Delish, should be higher up.)

5. Snickers (Alright. I suppose a classic.)

What's your order? Do you actually have the strong, strong strength to buy candy you don't like? Time to hit those Halloween aisles!

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