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16 Halloween Pinterest Food Fails


Look, the holiday season kicks off with Halloween, right? With it come all the cutesy posts about holiday food and traditions and PINTEREST MIGHT EXPLODE WITH TUTORIALS AND HOLIDAY INSPO!

Let's all reap the rewards and start this holiday season off right by treating ourselves to some Halloween Pinterest food fails I spotted on Delish.



Really you only need one finger to express how you really feel anyway.


Crushed it, really.


Always a family favorite.


This is because cookies and arachnids should NEVER EVEN BE IN THE SAME SENTENCE. JUST NO.


I really don't know if the "before" or "after" is worse. Both look a little too much like an acid trip down Haight and Ashbury lane.


Note to self, work on ghost pancake skills, stat.


I don't need my bacon to be scary. Bacon is happy. BACON IS ALWAYS HAPPY!

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I can barely gird up my loins to even make my kids hot chocolate in the first place. Why would I put eyeballs in it to make things more difficult? Short answer? I wouldn't.


I do love caramel apples, but why do they have to be mini? Why does everything have to be mini these days???


Let's be real, my kids would absolutely eat these anyway. Pigs in a blanket, disturbing looking mummies in a blanket, same diff.


Blame it on the alt, alt, alt, altitude!


What even are bundt cakes anyway? If I'm gonna eat a cake, I want to eat a cake WITHOUT a hole in the middle. Give me all the cake!


I personally have tried dipping pretzels in chocolate on many occasions AND IT BEATS ME EVERY TIME. Moral of the story, I don't hold anyone accountable for these results.


This looks like you need to have an expert level pie baker's certificate to even attempt so, I'm not gonna. Also, there are many inappropriate jokes to be made based off of octopus pie, and for that reason alone I cannot abide.


Again, dipping objects in chocolate is not in my skill set. Bananas and other objects and foods are no exception.


People, let's just leave the candy corns alone. They are meant to be put into a snack mix with peanuts and pb m&m's and put into my mouth, not baked into cookies.

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving Fails, my friends. It's coming. And I personally, cannot wait.

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16 Halloween Pinterest Food Fails

16 Halloween Pinterest Food Fails


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