Spray Paint Minion Pumpkins for Halloween!

Spray Paint Minion Pumpkins for Halloween!
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These go down as the best pumpkins our family has produced in the history of EVER. These spray paint minion pumpkins were so easy, so much fun, and made us smile every time we walked up the front steps.

Step by step instructions to make your own Minion Pumpkins included below.


Want to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1

Set up your spray zone. We used saw horses in our backyard so that the pumpkins were off the ground and easy to spray completely.

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Step 2

Spray your pumpkins with primer and let pumpkins dry (they dry quickly). I made fun of my husband for making us prime the pumpkins. I usually question his over the top detail, but in the end it always pays off.

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Step 3

Spray paint your pumpkins! Lay it on thick and let them dry.

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Step 4

Wrap your pumpkins in masking film and painters tape to spray on your minion’s overalls. Note the half circle of cardstock that we pinned to the pumpkins on the sides before applying the 2nd color. This was to provide the illusion of arm holes for the overalls. (take a look at the finished pictures to get a better idea of what yours should look like. Note the yellow or purple openings inside of the blue overalls)

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Step 5

After your pumpkins are completely dry it’s time to add the finishing touches!

  • Eyes: People are always asking how to make the eyes for minion pumpkins. It’s easy! Use two mason jar lids to form the eyes. Use the inside disc of the lid to trace and cut out the white cardstock insert for the eyes. We used brown markers for the iris’s with a black pupil. Leave a little white dot in the eyes to add some expression. We used a black magic marker to draw the black band around the goggles to connect everything. To attach the eyes to the pumpkins: We cut down toothpicks to the desired size and super glued them to the back of the mason jar lids so they would stick into the pumpkins.
  • Hair: We cut black pipe cleaners in various sizes to create the different hairstyles for our minions. The pipe cleaners stick right into the pumpkins and hold well. Our favorite is the purple minion’s crazy hair!
  • Teeth: Cut out small pieces of white card stock to make the teeth that are perfect for your minion. Use sewing pins to hold the teeth in place. Don’t want to hassle with teeth? Just use your magic marker to draw their smile!
  • Overalls: Push two rivets (my husband calls them brass grommets) into the corners of your Minion’s overalls. You can grab rivets from the sewing store. Draw the Gru symbol on the outside of the overalls with a black magic marker or sharpie.
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Place your pumpkins on your porch and get out there and steal the moooon! Happy Halloween!

We found our original inspiration on Pinterest via Craftberry Bush. She used craft paints on hers and made some pretty amazing Minion mouths! She’s got more great ideas for painting pumpkins as well!

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