Easy and Cheap Rubix Cube Costume

When I was in 6th grade, I remember my parents making me the coolest Halloween costume of all time, a Rubix Cube Costume
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Made out of a box, I remember being the envy of all the other kids. The best part is that it was basically just a cardboard box. When I suggested the idea to my son, he was all for it. The best part is that it took less than an hour to make and cost around $10. He loved that everywhere he went, people told him how great his costume was. He easily won a local costume contest.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this easy Rubix Cube Costume:

  • Cardboard Box (we just bought a packing box from Lowe’s)
  • Black electrical tape
  • Black Duct tape
  • 5 colored posterboards (red, orange, yellow, blue, green)
  • 1 package of black elastic (you can find this at JoAnn’s or a craft store)
  • a ruler, box cutter, scissors and a glue stick

First, prep your box. Cut out off the bottom and cut a rectangle in the top, big enough to fit around your child.  With our box, we had to tape the flaps down using duct tape before we cut the hole. Our box was also slightly rectangular just by a couple of inches but it looked square so we didn’t sweat it.

Next, cut your posterboard to fit each side and glue down. Glue sticks work better since it doesn’t get warped. Plus, it will stay down with the tape so it doesn’t need too much glue.

Measure your sides into thirds both vertically and horizontally and put the black electrical tape down to make the cubes. You’ll just need to make the center grid with the electrical tape. Use the Duct tape for the edges and corners. Since the Duct tape is wider, you’ll be taping down two sides as you put the Duct tape on the edges.

Instead of putting the box over his head and letting it sit on his shoulders, we opted to make suspenders using the black elastic. It was so much more comfortable and so much more manageable this way. He had full range of motion of his hands which is awfully helpful when trick or treating. Slice two slits above and below the rectangle hole in the top of the Rubix Cube. Insert the elastic through the slits, making sure to make cross the elastic (like an “X” ) so that it will work like suspenders. Making the elastic work like suspenders will help keep the elastic on your child’s shoulder and not slipping off. You can just tie the elastic in a knot after you’ve adjusted the perfect length for your child.

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And there you have it – your Rubix Cube costume. Fast, easy, cheap and pretty dang awesome. That’s hard to beat when it comes to Halloween costumes!

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