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How to Prepare Your Kids for Daylight Savings


I hate daylight savings time.

While I love warm summer nights where it stays light late, I definitely don't enjoy what it takes to get them. I understand the history of daylight savings and all of that business. But here is what daylight savings time means to me...

- I'm hungry. At very odd times.

- Our dogs are obnoxiously hungry. At odd times.

- Our beloved sleep routine with the kids is WRECKED. For about a week.

- Our kids are hungry. At odd times.

- I'm tired. Like I need additional help with that little problem.

With the exception of Arizona and Hawaii, I really feel like the rest of the country is supposed to hold hands, close their eyes and pretend like the time has changed.

Click here for tips on getting your kids used to daylight savings time...and don't forget to change your clocks!

Sending you lots of luck!

Photo Credit: stock.xchng swirls

Photo Credit: stock.xchng swirls

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