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Grocery Store Savings

Last week I went to the grocery store with one of my friends. He has become VERY serious about couponing. Let's just refer to him as, "The Coupon King." I basically invited myself to the grocery store with him so that I could study his magic, and try to absorb some of it myself like an absorbent little sponge.

I brought home $46 worth of food, and I spent $12. It's not Extreme Couponing quality, but I was pretty excited. Here's what I bought...

1 box of Kashi cookies

3 boxes of Kashi crackers

2 frozen Kashi pizzas

2 boxes of Kashi cereal

2 bags of Kashi steamer meals

1 bag of Alexia frozen potatoes

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Yes. There was quite a sale on Kashi. But that's not the only way I copied how he works the magic. Have you heard of Recyclebank? You register and do VERY brief little click-thrus to earn points that in turn you redeem for coupons. What did I redeem my points for? That's right. Kashi coupons. I also went to ahead of time and printed up some action that way.

Now today I went to the store and spent $67, so it's not like I'm leaving the store each visit with change from a twenty dollar bill. It takes a lot of time and pre-planning. Just ask "The Coupon King," and he'll tell you all the groundwork he has to do ahead of time. It can be addictive though, and it feels like your very own episode of Supermarket Sweep. Which I would be awesome at by the way.

Are you a couponer? Hit me with your strategies, I'll pass them along to the "King!"


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