5 Rainbow Recipes to Wow Your Kids


Have you seen the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode where they sing the colors of the rainbow? "Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, don't forget the purple too, rainbow colors for me and you!"

I'm not sure that I knew the EXACT color scheme of the rainbow until I saw that episode and that line got stuck in my head for eternity. I credit that little ditty for turning my daughter into a rainbow fan. She draws them all over her artwork, and we look for them in the sky no matter what the weather conditions may be.

If you have a rainbow lover like I do, keep reading for 5 Rainbow Recipes to Wow Your Kids. Their love of rainbows may not last forever, but the memory of you making these for them will!

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Rainbow Donuts from Chickabug Blog!

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Rainbow, Rainbow, Go, Go, Go!

Rainbow Tinted Mason Jars

Rainbow Fruit Plate