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How to Organize a Medicine Cabinet

Panicked about your medicine cabinet? Find out how a reorganization can calm you down and amaze your friends.
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I would show you a "before" picture, but honestly, I was too mortified to take one. This isn't a true medicine cabinet, it's our hall closet next to the bathroom that holds all of our medicine, thermometers, etc. I want to be an organized person, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. When we moved into this house, we had an almost two year old, I was eight weeks pregnant and throwing up every hour on the hour and to be honest, I didn't do such a hot job packing OR unpacking. Which is probably why almost three years later I discovered three bottles of cough syrup that expired in 2007 in that dreaded closet.

A medical tornado is probably the best description of the closet. When the baby was sick in the middle of the night and I found three thermometers that no longer worked and four empty bottles of baby tylenol, I had enough.

So I put on my big girl organization pants and tackled it one shelf at a time. All outdated medicine was bagged up (and it was a BIG bag) and dropped off at the police station to be disposed of. Bottles of creams and lotions that were 7/8 empty were recycled and a ruthless clear out was underway.

I'm pretty over the top about the end result. I'm not going to lie, I have POSSIBLY opened this closet and let the beauty soak in when I'm having a slight moment of feeling overwhelmed and like I don't get enough done.

This closet calms me. And I've definitely showed all of my girlfriends. They've gasped.

Are you ready?

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I feel SO much better.

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