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How to Entertain Your Child While Lying Down


Getting sick when you're a mom is the PITS.

Why is it the pits? Because NO ONE CARES!! There is no rest for the weary. Your eyeball could be hanging out of your head and they would still need help on the potty, that sippy cup filled up, a nose wipe, a snack, and the list goes on. So here's the question... how can you entertain your child while lying down?

A new game my daughter loves to play is "sleeping." She pulls out pillows and blankets and INSISTS that you get on the floor and lay down while she tucks you in and puts you to sleep. Um, YEAH I want to play that game. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite one!

Give yourself a break the next time that you aren't feeling well and check out this post on BabyCenter for 40 Ways to Entertain Your Kids While Lying Down. It's genius. Check it out and recline...

Photo from BabyCenter

Photo from BabyCenter

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