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Please Save Your Judgement

My son has broken both feet in three months. Don't judge us.

I'm going to steal some of my toddler's future thunder. I know what his answer will be when the inevitable question in life comes up at some team-building activity asking for a fact that people don't know about you.

He broke both of his feet within three months of each other. At age two.

It's interesting, I think it will work well for his answer.

Here's the little cast dude in all of his glory...


Same kid. Different cast colors. Different season. Different feet. Three months apart.

Let me tell you this. It's terrible having your toddler break a bone. It hurts your heart. They're in pain, they're scared, and they don't understand. Doctors ask you lots of questions about what happened, just to make sure it was really an accident. You pin your wailing toddler down for x-rays. You try to entertain them as they hold their broken bone limply in the air while you wait for the x-ray to be read, and then you hold them down while a cast is applied to their broken bone. After that you try to help your little broken bird as they try to navigate with a heavy cast that wasn't there the day before and watch helplessly as they cry and ask to be held instead of putting weight on their broken limb.

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Truly. It's the pits. To say the least.

And it's happened to us twice. I didn't think I would need a cast cover with a two year old, but it's already been used double the originally anticipated time. It's tucked into a cabinet just in case. I hope I don't need it again for a long, long, long time.

We're worried. How many toddlers do you see running around with casts? He's already had testing done, and there's the potential more testing will need to be done in the future. Both breaks have happened from him tripping. The first time, he was wearing flip flops on a field which I suspected led to his fall. No flip-flops for time number two. He tripped in our house and fell on our hardwood floor. It was literally a NOTHING fall.

How do you think I feel now when I watch him fall over? I feel like I want to get my cast cover out. I'm on edge ALL the time.

It's not a great feeling.

What I didn't expect was the judgement I received from total strangers.

Our hearts were already heavy with worry. It didn't help to be riding in an elevator with a person staring down at my son and then asking how on earth a two year old could break a bone as they shake their head and walk out the doors. I thought people knew that bones break. No matter your age.

There's a lot of judgement in the world. Judgement between moms, judgement between friends, and judgement between strangers. Save your judgement. Your journey is your own, and you can't possibly know what another person's journey may be. Open your mind, open your heart and put your negative thoughts away. You may not know the whole story, not matter what you think it may be.


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