Miley Cyrus: That's Not What Foam Fingers Are For

Miley Cyrus, you give foam fingers a bad name. And pack that tongue up, it's time.

If you google "foam finger" right now, you sure aren't going to see any sports paraphernalia in your search. The first page of results is entirely about Miley Cyrus and her raunchy VMA performance. Apparently the creator of the original foam finger is quite upset.

I can't say I blame him.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I started watching Mad Men from the beginning. We're about six years late to the party, but the show has sucked us in like a vacuum. When watching, it's hard to believe the differences between the Mad Men era and today.

How did we go from this...


To this...


What's left? And where did Hannah Montana go?

As a parent, when a celebrity catches the eye of your child, you can only hope that it's a celebrity without a mug shot and preferably one who wears underwear when she heads to the clubs.

Part of being a celebrity is being in the public eye, and with this brings a certain responsibility. Everyone makes mistakes, but it doesn't necessarily have to be in front of the cameras.

If you're a baseball player and an at bat doesn't go your way and you want to bash the phone in the dugout, head inside away from the cameras and bash the phone in the clubhouse if you can't control yourself. Little athletes everywhere have an eye on you. This isn't what you want your sports highlight to be about.

If you're in the public eye and you're dying to smoke pot, go into your bathroom and close all of your doors and windows and try not to put a "selfie" on Instagram while you're doing it. Don't invite friends with smart phones to come with you. That's your choice, but you don't need to offer any inspiration to your little social media followers.

Expect the naked pictures that you took of yourself to be leaked. It will happen. Tweens with smart phones don't need to be doing any digital documenting of their own. Don't inspire them.

And if you want to dance around or "twerk" all over the stage at the VMA's, tone it down a little and put that foam finger away. That's not what foam fingers are for and there are many wide eyed want to be ballerinas up past their bedtime learning some new dance moves watching you.

Let US Weekly come up with their own headlines, don't do their work for them.

Kids are growing up too fast. Celebrities shouldn't be speeding them up.


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