Really Justin Bieber?

Time to pull it together Justin. I'm not impressed.

There are a lot of Beliebers out there. I've never been one of them. Not even with Never Say Never. He is obviously talented, but I have a hard time getting over the fact that he looks like he's fourteen. Which is probably why this image actually makes me feel a little squeamish.


Not as squeamish as this one...


A few weeks ago a series of photos of Justin smoking a joint was released causing him to state on Twitter that he's "trying to be better."

This week, Justin turned up in another photo at a fan meet and greet in Miami. I wouldn't be THAT excited if this was my seventeen year old daughter.


His rep says that it isn't what it looks like and he was simply pulling away from her. Call me crazy, but I don't see that in this picture. And perhaps he doesn't know that it's flu season. If that's how he greets all of his fans, he's kissing a lot of cheeks. I haven't heard of lip sanitizer.

Justin, meet your fans...


I know he's eighteen and wants to change up his audience a little by heading into rap and more adult lyrics. But at the end of the day, I'm in my thirties and he holds no appeal to me. Not even if he's rapping. He has a huge tween following, and as these girls are tweeting and on Facebook, they're seeing pictures of him that I'm not really sure I would want my daughter to see of her favorite celebrity.

They're watching you Justin. Know your audience and keep it classy. Even if you're working on finding a new one.


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