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Kim Kardashian, Own It!

Is Kim Kardashian seriously hiding out until her body looks hot?
kim kardashian attends funeral

Kim Kardashian has emerged.


Little North West came into the world over two months ago and Kim has been missing from paparazzi action ever since. Sure, she did a short video clip for Kris Jenner's talk show, carefully filmed to only show her face. She's popped up with a few tweets on Twitter, but otherwise has been conspicuously absent from her usual paparazzi circuit.

And you might think, good for her. She's home nursing in her sweats and bonding with her baby. But even celebrities who want to lay low and hang with their offspring after childbirth periodically leave the house. Kate Middleton was out on the hospital steps the day after she gave birth, displaying her post-baby belly. Jessica Simpson was out running errands. Kirsten Bell was at the pediatrician's office. Beyonce was out at a Knicks game. Jennifer Garner was picking her kids up at school.

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According to many media outlets, the reason Kim is staying home is because she's determined to not be photographed until her body looks "HOT". And so she waits. Waits with personal trainers and low calorie meals. Waits for her uterus to shrink and to fit back into her couture miniskirts.

I'm not a huge Kardashian fan, so I haven't been mourning the loss of Kim photos. But the fact that she has placed this expectation on herself makes me sad. She has a two month old. A daughter. A little girl is going to have full internet access one day and will read all about how her mom wouldn't leave the house until her body looked PERFECT. It's a lot to live up to.

So she popped up at a funeral. She's been spotted. But when she's spotted again in another month in a bikini showing the world her incredibly in-shape body after birth, I'm not going to be impressed. She'll have had the help of countless professionals to get her body into gear just to show the rest of us how "effortless" it was.

I would have been much more impressed if I had seen her a month after delivery pushing a covered up stroller down the street, yoga pants, hoodie and all.

She just gave birth to a healthy human being. Be proud of that and focus on setting a healthy, strong example instead of focusing on a big body reveal. Kim Kardashian, own it!



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