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Iceland Packing List {+ 4 Things I Couldn't Live Without!}

Traveling to Iceland? Want to know what to pack? We've got you covered. Like, literally covered . . . from head to toe. You're going to want to be.

Iceland Packing List {Gear from head to toe!}

We traveled to Iceland in March (with Animal Jam and Visit Iceland) and while we had a great stretch of weather (30's and 40's F) we were glad to have packed gear to keep us warm and dry.

If you talk to anyone that's been to Iceland they'll be sure to mention one word: Layers. It's the truth.

Here's our Iceland Packing List:

  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Waterproof Pants
  • Scarf
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Walking Shoes / Warm Boots (Water proof)
  • Warm Underwear (Long Johns y'all! I took several pair of leggings and some thermal tops from Patagonia)
  • Warm Socks
  • Hiking Pants
  • Swimsuit
  • Backpack
  • Power Adapters (In Iceland they use the Europlug, which is the one with the two round prongs)
  • Camera / Laptop / Chargers
  • Toiletries 
  • Hand Warmers
  • Dry Sack
  • Thermos (Consider packing a thermos to bring along your coffee or tea)
  • A laundry sack (You may want to start throwing your dirty stuff in a seperate bag along the way)
  • Passport 

The 4 Things I Couldn't Live Without?

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  • Sorels: I went with the Joan of Arctic Boot. I thought I'd wear them occaisonally and packed several other pairs of shores. These were the only shoes/boots I wore the entire time. They are waterproof, insulated, cozy, easy to hose off, and don't require any breaking in.
  • Waterproof / Windproof Pants: You want something that goes over your clothes and are easy to get on and off. I went with these Arcteryx and LOVED them. Cutting the wind is half the battle.
  • Day Pack: We all took along the Gregory Moonrise pack. It's PERFECT. The biggest piece for me is having a pack that lifts the weight OFF of my back. The structure of the pack coupled with all of the nooks and crannies for storage make this pack perfect to haul along every day. 
  • Hand Warmers: We went inside of a glacier. That was cold. I was dressed well and pretty warm -- except for my hands. And then I remembered my hand warmers that I stashed in my backpack. I threw those in my gloves and they were perfect. The best part is that those hand warmers last quite awhile. The more you move them around and shake them the more they heat up. MAGIC! {Sidenote: Buy a small case of these to bring along. They are great for sharing!} 

Taking kids? 

Same logic applies. Nothing is more miserable than a miserable child. That means you're going to want to keep them warm, dry, and well fed. All easy to do if you plan ahead!

What did we do? 

Want a peak at our Iceland Itinerary? We spent a lot of time outdoors. You can check out our full itinerary HERE!

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Iceland Packing List {+ 4 Things I Couldn’t Live Without!}

Traveling to Iceland? Want to know what to pack? We’ve got you covered.

What to pack for Iceland. Hint: Think Layers!

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