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What To Expect In Disneyland 2022


Our plan was to take our 7, 5, and 3-year-old kids to Disneyland in May of 2020. By the end of March 2020, we realized that our plans for Disneyland in 2020 likely wouldn’t work out, but we were hopeful for 2021. 2021 brought a little more hope, but 2022 was finally our year to take our now 9, 7, and 5-year-olds to the happiest place on earth. If you are like our family, a Disneyland level dose of happiness was exactly what we needed after two years of uncertainty and worry, and as always, Disneyland delivered. Here’s what you need to know about visiting Disneyland in 2022. Disneyland Covid Restrictions 2022

Disneyland Covid Restrictions 2022

When we visited Disneyland in March 2022, there were no requirements for masks, although there were signs suggesting wearing a mask indoors. I saw very few guests wearing masks, and my very anecdotal observation was that most people wearing masks were in higher-risk categories. There was a higher rate of employees wearing masks than guests.

We brought pictures of our vaccination cards, however, we were never asked to show them at the park. My assumption is that unless there is another huge wave of Covid, vaccination cards won’t be required at the park in the future, but always double-check any changes in Covid policies right before you go on your trip.

Consider California’s Covid Restrictions

While we were visiting California we noticed that there were more restaurants and stores that asked patrons to wear masks than in our home state of Utah. This wasn’t a surprise, but it’s important to consider if you are traveling to California that the state and thus its businesses might have different regulations regarding Covid than your area. My recommendation is to visit California prepared with masks just in case.

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What Is Disneyland Like Post Covid?


As of April 2022, you can’t enter the park without both a ticket and reservation. You make the reservation after you buy the ticket. I bought our tickets about a month in advance and had no issues making a reservation, however, we went in a historically less busy month. If you are buying a park hopper ticket you can’t “hop” parks until 1 pm, and when you make your reservation you have to choose what park you want to start in (Disneyland or California Adventure).


No Close Contact With Characters

When we visited in March 2022, we weren’t able to hug or closely interact with the characters. Characters were roped off and had a Disneyland worker nearby to ensure that guests didn’t get too close to the characters. This wasn’t a particularly big deal to my kids- they hadn’t experienced Disneyland any other way so they thought it was how it worked. We still got some pictures in front of the characters and that seemed satisfactory. The good news is that starting as early as April 2022, hugs and close pictures are back.

Any Other Changes?

Other than the reservations, not being able to “hop” parks until 1 pm, no close contact with characters and a few employees and guests wearing masks, our experience at Disneyland was mostly the same as the pre covid world. Overall, the Happiest Place on Earth is just as magical as ever, and with a couple of thoughtful considerations, you can easily enjoy the park to its fullest potential. 

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Disneyland After Covid

The last two years have taught me to never say never, but now more than ever Disneyland seems more or less back to normal. The park continues to make changes like allowing characters to hug guests, and it seems that as time goes on more of the regulations set in place due to Covid will ease up or be removed entirely. As always, check Disneyland’s website before you visit the park for all the updates you need to enjoy your stay. 


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