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The “Farm” In Springville

For those of you who live in or around Springville, this could be a fun activity for a slow day.
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On the corner of Center Street and 950 East is what I like to call “The Farm”. I call it that because the person who owns the property has so many different animals on it! For example:

Red Kangaroo

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Um, actually, I’m not sure!

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These are all pictures from previous years. The owner is always changing what animals he has there, though some of the regulars he constantly has are oxen, ducks, swans, and pygmy goats. I took this picture just a couple days ago as I was passing the area:

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It’s so fun to see the different animals, and if you decide to visit, go back often as it will be different each time! Just please remember that, as generous as the owner is to let people come and visit, don’t jump over the fences into the enclosures. Also, feel free to bring animal food to feed them (through the fence) because the animals love it!


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