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The Best Disneyland Summer of Heroes Food {5 Things You MUST Try}

Want to know what’s awesome?
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Falling down some stairs and messing up your ankle THE NIGHT BEFORE your trip to Disneyland to check out all of the Disneyland Summer of Heroes food and fun.


Here are our top picks for the best Disneyland Summer of Heroes Food! {All found on the California Adventure side of the Park}

Knowhere Eats Tacos

Amusement park tacos? I was skeptical. We love tacos and these were amazing! The only problem, I just should have doubled my order.

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Knowhere Eats is located between Cosmic Canteen and Studio Food Trucks in Hollywood Land.

Spider Bites

Don’t let the word “bite” fool you. These donuts are big enough to share. These also come in Hulk variety. You can pick these up at Schmoozies. We HIGHLY recommend!

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Groot Bread

“I Am Bread”

First of all, it’s the most adorable baked good of all time. Second of all – they nail it! These sourdough Groot flat breads look just like baby Groot (and they are SO tasty)!

They sell out fast so be sure to make your way over to the Cosmic Canteen or Fairfax Market before noon for your best shot at taking a bite out of this little shrub.

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Glowing InfinityAde Lavender Lemonade

This is another sharing item. It is SWEET, but delicious and available at Schmoozies.

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This is another delicacy available at the Knowhere Eats. I’m usually not into nachos — but these were AMAZING.

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Knowhere Eats is located between Cosmic Canteen and Studio Food Trucks in Hollywood Land.


Here are a couple of things to do over in Heroes land in between your most important objective: Eating ALL The Things.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

This ride is all it’s cracked up to be. In betwixt the screams of terror and laughter you’ll find your stomach dropping and rising (and if you open your eyes you’ll see some hilarious Guardians of the Galaxy action)!

Find Out Your Super Hero Personality

This was one of our favorite things of our visit. It’s not even a ride! We were traveling with my husband’s side of the family and EVERYONE loved finding out who their super hero personality was {mine was Iron Man}. It was actually pretty accurate, especially as people compared and we saw who shared the same super hero personality. I’d definitely make a stop to the Hero Action Center to do this.

Avengers Training Initiative

For those traveling with your little people the Avengers Training Initiative was a great stop for the pre-school aged crowd!

I mean, check out this girl’s face. She was COMMITTED.

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As soon as you finish your Hero Training head over to snag your tacos! They are just to the left of the stage!

Be sure to check out the Summer of Heroes experiences as they only last through September 10, 2017.


Don’t worry too much about me and my bad leg. Disneyland was actually amazing and so accommodating. There was still so much that I could do and it was actually pretty amazing to see Disneyland from the that perspective. They really do a lot to make the park accessible to everyone they can.

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Disclosure: Disneyland hosted a Summer of Heroes event and we happened to be in town for a family reunion so we swung by and partied with them! Our passes were comped but our opinions are our own.


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