Salt Lake City Cemetery: Self-Guided Tour

The Salt Lake City Cemetery is one of my favorite places to discover hidden treasures.
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Some might think it’s “creepy” that I find wandering in a cemetery “fascinating”, but there are so many stories to be told, you will want to return again and again in order to see them all! It’s a great place to learn about history and the people who made a difference in our state.

You can read more about “Salt Lake City Cemetery: Utah’s Hidden Jewel”.

Below are the files you will need for the self-guided tour:

Driving Map

Download this map first. This will show you where you will be driving, and what areas you will be seeing.

Detailed Map

This is a map of what graves you will see in what area. Each area is broken down so that you park your car, walk around that area, then drive to the next area.


This is a more detailed account of what graves you are seeing, and more information about the people buried in the graves. If you follow along and see each grave in order, it will be an organized, easy way to see the cemetery. (This is a work in progress, so I do not yet have all of the descriptions on the agenda. Stay tuned to Enjoy Utah as I add more descriptions to the agenda.)

Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Here is a scavenger hunt to keep your kids entertained while you wander the cemetery.

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