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Pirate Island: Family Restaurant

Pirate Island: Family Restaurant

Ahoy! Blimey there be some fine grub to be had at Pirate Island. Here’s the Pirate Island story:

“The Pirate Island Story

The Pirate Island Story

(as told by Captain Jack Calico)

“Me crew and I had just returned from a rum run on Hispaniola off the coast of Jamaica when we came across a frigate flying the British colors. Rumor had it there be gold and precious gems on that vessel ’cause there be two rich governors aboard with their beauteous daughters. I meant to have me whatever treasure I might find on that old ship.

Well, we fought a rough battle and me ship withheld their canons and in the end we came off the victors! We gathered up the booty and the lassies and we sunk their ship down to Davey Jones’ Locker. We also took aboard Admiral George Devonshire and the two governors, Mateo and Philroy. They weren’t much to look at but proved later to be quite handy with a hammer and saw.

Then came disaster for all me crew of Pirates and me. The night after winnin’ the battle I had me two best mateys watchin’ over me treasure and steerin’ me ship when we crashed smack into this island. Me mateys blamed the storm, but I blamed the rum for wreckin’ me ship and puttin’ us all here on this remote island.

To punish them, I tied one to the ship’s old plank to remind him he was suppos’d to be me lookout. But all that bilge rat does now is alert me when a storm is a brewin’. The other scallywag who was suppos’d to be watchin’ me treasure was lowered into a watery cavern on the islands southernest border to guard me treasure for all eternity. Ye can hear him tell his sorry story from within the waterfall when ye first set foot on me island.

Fortunately for us Pirates, the island was inhabited with some of the nicest folks we’ve ever known. After some talkin’ we decided to join forces. They agreed to change the name of their island to Pirate Island and be our helpers and we agreed to be friendly (like them) and set up this eatin’ establishment. The aim of all the Pirates and the Helpers is to provide grand grub to our visitors along with the best service to customers a server be capable of givin’.

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If any of me crew is a slackin’ or is short on friendly, ask to speak to the Cap’n. That’s me. Otherwise, please enjoy me island – eat hearty and win a prize in me Aarghcade! And come back to me island soon with some of your other mateys.

Ye know, life ain’t so bad makin’ a living as a friendly Pirate.

Cap’n Jack Calico

p.s. I hope ye like me menu, ’cause I wrote it meself.”

~Not only do they offer fine grub they also have an ample ‘aargh’ cade…this is one place that really is fun for the entire crew!


959 South 700 East

Orem, Ut 84097

(just East of Costco)


Mon-Sat 11am-10pm

Sunday closed

Fair winds and see you there!


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