Interactive Fun At The New Perot Museum

I like to think of my kids as museum connoisseurs.
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They’ve visited museums locally, out of state, and even abroad. They like them, and I like that they like them. I feel like it enhances their education.

We recently visited the newly opened Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. One word. INCREDIBLE. We started our adventure with the 3D showing of Meerkats. We spend a lot of time in Africa, and I still learned so much. I never realized how strong a meerkat family unit is!

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After our 3D show, we ventured down to the Sports Hall. Don’t take the stairs too quickly or you might miss the music you make as you step. My kids stopped for a little music and dance session. So cool! If you really want to let your kids expend their energy before taking them home, they must get their stretches on and pick their opponent in the Sports Hall racing track. Can they outrun a cheetah, dinosaur, Olympic runner, or football player?

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The thing I love most about the Perot Museum is how interactive it is for my kids. From building robots, to biology experiments in the biolab, to testing your racing speed against a cheetah, the museum makes learning come to life and exciting.

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When asked for one word to describe their experience, Joshua, 10 years, said, “Awesome!” and Emma Grace, 8 years, said, “Super!” Joshua’s favorite part, by far, was the racing, and Emma’s was the robot building. There you have it, folks, the museum connoisseurs have spoken.

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If you go and love your experience so much, be sure to stop by the table on the way out to purchase a membership. They’ll take the cost of admission off your price!

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Disclosure: I received free media badges/credentials to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.