Fruits and Veggies Around the World

Summer’s here and we are getting back into the swing of our annual Stay at Home Summer Camp.
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Once again our happy participants are in charge of the theme of their choice during their week.  I wasn’t too sure how a week of fruits and vegetables around the world would go, but there are a surprising number of websites with cool information and games on just that subject.

Fresh for Kids

Fresh for Kids is an Australian based website with recipes, facts and games.  First we spent some time on the fruitand vegetable sections where 27 fruits and 33 vegetables share in the first person their history, availability, varieties, and other interesting facts about themselves.  It is an entertaining way for children to learn about Lychee – it’s a berry that grows on tropical evergreen trees in Western Australia.   That same site has a few games that tie in quite nicely.  We especially enjoyed the World Challenge game with its trivia questions from around the world.


Next we learned about fruits and vegetable from Asia.  Epicurious has pictures and descriptions of 11 fruits and vegetables that were completely foreign to us.  We tried to guess the food before scrolling down to check our answers and read the description.  We did get the correct family a few times.  We played a game where we tried to match the Chinese word to the correct fruit.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t do much better the second time around.

The best part of this week’s summer camp was the fruit we ate.  There were smoothies, strawberries, apples, cherries and grapes.  Making learning fun was pretty good too!



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