Free–Or Cheap–Fall Family Fun

The kids and I sat down tonight and decided what MUST Be Done this Fall in terms of Free, Family and Fun.
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I realized that we’re EEEEEK! halfway through September and to enjoy this loveliest of all seasons (Editor’s note: especially here in Utah, where we tend to enjoy two temperatures: Meat Locker and Sahara) we must plan!  Our “must-do” is pumpkin picking at Black Island Farms, where they take you out on a tractor to get your own from the field–and then the kids play on the gigantic hay bale slides for the rest of the afternoon.  Check their website–they usually have coupons up by now.

So, here we go.

Free–Or Cheap–Fall Family Fun:

First, the free printable Fall Bucket List from Loves of Life: she has the 2013 version ready to print

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Second, Erupting Pumpkins!  Growing A Jeweled Rose has the instructions.

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Third, Getting Your Kids OUT The Door To Enjoy Fall–Imperfect Home

(Editor’s note: actually dragging my offspring inside has been my bigger problem.  It must be nice to not have to strip your kids down for contraband like potato bugs, spiders, acorns and the occasional outraged Praying Mantis)

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Fourth, 40 Halloween Activities For Kids, Little Family Fun has more ideas

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