The best thing in the world happened to us when my 2nd child was born. There was new construction across the street from us. Some of you might think this could be torture with a newborn baby. But with a 20-month-old little boy as my sidekick, it was hours of happy entertainment. He would park his little self next to the front window for hours watching the "diggers" work as I cared for his newborn little sister.

Now if only there were a place for little kids who love trucks and diggers to go and experience them in real life . . . oh wait . . . there is such a place! Welcome to Diggerland USA where you can let your kids safely operate diesel-powered, full-size pieces of construction equipment. 

You'll need to journey to West Berlin, New Jersey but once you're there you have arrived in construction vehicle heaven! Diggerland USA is home to 40+ attractions all focused on, you guessed it, construction equipment!

Your little ones have never been happier (and maybe you too). 

Diggerland Rides and Attractions

You can check out all of the attractions HERE.  A quick sampling of what you'll find at Diggerland:

  • Backhoe Adventure
  • Barrel Train
  • Battle Trucks
  • Big Diggers
  • Bumper Cars
  • Dig-Around (like a merry go round with backhoe bucket)
  • Dumper Trucks
  • Elevation Station 
  • Excavator Express
  • Farm Tractors
  • Greased Beast (a big demolition trailer)
  • Micro Diggers
  • Skid Steers
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • The Spin Dizzy
  • The World's Fastest Backhoe
  • The Tractor Pull

And more! 

Your little one has got to be at least 36 inches tall for most of the rides. They'll be able to safely operate some of the equipment all on their own and other pieces with just a little help from a grown-up

“Guests who visit Diggerland can drive full size backhoes, dig giant holes with real excavators, and operate just about every sort of construction machine you might imagine – from the skid-steers to the recently unveiled ARGOs, made famous by their amphibious qualities.”

- Diggerland USA

New for 2020 at Diggerland: The Water Main

What else could you possibly need? A water park to go with it. The "Water Main" is a construction themed water park and it's the perfect place for your little construction workers to cool off from a hard day's work. 

Photo vis Diggerland USA

Photo vis Diggerland USA

  • Digger River & Vortex
  • Bulldozer Bay
  • Digger River
  • Jackhammer Bay
  • Slide Tower
  • Wibit-Brand Challenge Course
  • In-Pool Basketball Area
  • Themed Splash Park
  • Fun Family Splash Activities
  • Family and Leisure Swim Zones
  • Cafe with Food, Snacks & Beverages
  • Cabanas for Rent

Diggerland For Grown Ups

In case you were feeling left out parents . . . there is a Diggerland XL!  Mom and Dad, you too can operate heavy machinery on your very own! Whether it's team-building exercises or just for the pure joy of digging and demolishing. 

Operate unrestricted, full-size construction equipment at Diggerland with one on one instruction from our heavy machinery instructor. Packages offer several durations, three machines, group experiences, bachelor or bachelorette parties, corporate team-building exercises and can even include a car crush! 

You’ll be guided through your adventure via radio communication. Unleash the full power of these excavators, loaders and dozers! Diggerland XL is awesome – it’s also only for adults, 18+.


Would Your Kids Dig This? 

We'd love if we had a bulldozer theme park in our neck of the woods! Would you kids "dig" this? 

If not, what kind of theme park would your kids love?