Desert Botanical Garden

We’re continuing to get out and about quite a bit this spring
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April at the Desert Botanical Garden is a time for blooming flowers and a wide variety of butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion. It is a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic lunch and spend some family time. I almost forgot we live in the desert with all the fragrant blooms and temperate weather, although it did get a little toasty by the mid-afternoon. 

It’s not just about the flowers; we saw several birds, ground squirrels and a huge lizard also enjoy the surroundings. There are several hands on displays to learn more about plants and some of the desert wildlife. On one visit, a volunteer taught us about the many ways the Native Americans use Agave – from a sweetener to drying the fibers to use in brooms or sandals.

On our last trip, another volunteer shared his musical talents by playing several types of wooden flutes.  He belongs to a group of enthusiastic collectors, but his collection was fairly small – at 60 flutes!

By far our favorite part of the Desert Botanical Garden is the Butterfly Pavilion. It is amazing to see that many butterflies in a confined space and to get an up close view of them eating, flying and resting.  My kids think it is a victory to have one land on them. Just outside the pavilion, there are a few crafts and activities for younger kids to enjoy.

If you’ve been considering a trip to the Desert Botanical Garden, now’s the time while the flowers are blooming and before the weather gets too warm.

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