California State Fair

I’ve lived in the Sacramento region for 10 years.
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Yet, I’ve never, ever been to the California State Fair, let alone any state fair. This year, when the California State Fair set up shop at Cal Expo, in Sacramento, I was intensely curious about the experience. You see, growing up in the Bay Area, about 2-2.5 hours south of the Sacramento area, didn’t make for a lot of road trips to our capital. Now that I live here, I try my best to enjoy all that the Sacramento region offers.

I’d heard all about the ridiculous high temperatures, crowds, and abundance of fried food at the fair. Was there more to the fair than just those three things? I was curious what, if anything, was offered at the California State Fair.

Boy. There is more. So much more.

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Yes, there’s heat, and fried food. We didn’t notice the crowd so much. We made sure to arrive when the park opened at 11am on a Thursday morning, and stayed until 5pm. We didn’t expect to stay that long, but there was simply so much to see and do. My daughters and I loved it.

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We brought friends with us to the fair, as it’s always fun to share good times with friends. We visited horses, the petting zoo, the rain forest exhibit, SMUD’s Wild Science exhibit, expo centers, listened to music, and rode rides. I was amazed at how well the kids did, and how much we were able to pack into our day. The wonderful thing about the expo centers, and exhibits indoors, is the chance to take a break from the heat, and explore some unique displays.

You might get the chance to milk a cow, ride a horse, find the queen bee, flip in the air, dance, make giant bubbles, gain more love for the great state of California, and leave slightly more sweaty than you walked in, but thoroughly exhausted from a fantastic time.

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If you’ve never been to the fair, try it out. You can find more information on tickets here.

If you want to visit 2013’s California State Fair, you’ll need to hurry. The California State Fair ends July 28th.

You can follow the California State Fair on Twitter, and like them on Facebook to stay abreast of the news, and tips for your turn at the fair. If you’ve been to the fair before, what is your favorite memory, treat, or experience? Let us know!


The California State Fair provided me with tickets to the fair. All opinions and enthusiasm are entirely my own.