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Atlantis Resort’s Dolphin Cay

Right about now is when I’m absolutely done with the cold and dying to soak up some sunshine.
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There are many sunny locales to escape to, and our family recently visited the warmth in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Resort in early February. If you get a chance, December through May is prime time with fantastic 80 degree weather. In April heavy rain falls heavy and fast, but let up quickly. In the summer, expect heavy humidity.

The Atlantis Resort is a sprawling resort set on Paradise Island. You’ll fly into the Nassau airport from the United States. You will need a passport.

This trip to the Atlantis Resort was the second for my husband and myself, and first for our daughters. When I told the girls about Atlantis Resort’s Dolpin Cay (Cay is pronounced key), my eight-year-old immediately asked if she could meet a dolphin. I went ahead and booked a shallow dolphin adventure for both my girls and myself.

The Atlantis Resort’s Dolphin Cay covers 14-acres, and uses 6.7 million gallons of seawater. It is one of the largest marine habitats, and is home to animal rescue-rehabilitation facilities. When you visit Atlantis Resort’s Dolphin Cay for your session, be sure to arrive about 20-30 min before your appointed time. This will provide you time to check-in and get into a wet-suit provided by Dolphin Cay. They will provide all participants with wristbands. If you have a family member, or friend who will not be participating in the adventure, you can purchase a wristband for them to join you on Dolphin Cay’s beach.

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Each Dolphin Cay adventure comes with day use of their private beach.

Once you and your party are all suited up, you join other participants in an orientation room. There they play a movie with facts about dolphins. Included are multiple choice questions to provide further education. A dolphin trainer then explains some basic rules when meeting with the dolphin — things such as not touching the dolphin’s face, listening to the trainer, and other instructions so that all participants will have a safe and enjoyable time.

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You are welcome to go barefoot or wear water shoes during the shallow dolphin interaction  We were wearing our Keen sandals, which we love, but after the sand kept getting stuck in them, we took them off.

The only complaint my daughters had of the Atlantis Resort’s Dolphin Cay experience was that it was too short. They fell in love with our dolphin, Cosmo. My oldest wanted to go swimming with him, but I told her that she’d have to wait until next time, when she could do the deep water interaction.

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The Atlantis Resort’s Dolphin Cay photographers capture great moments for you with the dolphin, which can be purchased after the session. They also have a myriad of gift shop items as well. Our family collects magnets for each of the places we visit, and we found that the Atlantis Resort’s Dolphin Cay gift shop had the better magnets.

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If you’ve never touched a dolphin, and have always wanted to, Atlantis Resort’s Dolphin Cay is a great place to indulge in meeting one of the friendliest creatures in the ocean.

For more information about Atlantis Resort’s Dolphin Cay, visit their website.

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My Atlantis Resort’s Dolphin Cay experience was paid for by the resort, and the girls received discounted rates. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.