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Valentine Box Ideas

Struggling To Find Some Valentine Box Ideas? Here Are A Few To Give Some Inspiration...

Around February 12th, my children usually go into a panic trying to figure out a great Valentine box for elementary school. Some teachers make it a competition, which adds lots of extra adrenaline to the project. Here are a few Valentine box ideas I am gathering in an effort to cancel out the stress!

Valentines Day Boxes for Girls

First, is a bird house Valentine Box from Make it Do. Cute and easy.

valentines box for girls

Here is another cute Valentine tree box for girls from Make it Do.

best valentines box for kids

A few years ago, my daughter made this i-Pod Valentine Box for school using a cereal box and silver spray paint. She was seriously crushed it didn’t win the competition!

best valentines box for girls

Here’s a simple and adorable Valentine Box made from a good old shoe box. This one is from Nathan’s Prayer (and adds extra special meaning to Valentine’s Day!)

valentines box for kids

Valentines Day Boxes For Boys

My girls wouldn’t be into this one, but I like this monster idea from Last Minute Mel.

valentines box for boyx

Check out this ultra-professional Valentine Box from Family Fun. Creating this one would take some serious parent intervention.

best valentines box for boyx
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Here’s the end of my Valentine Box tour. It’s a Crocodile from HP Creative Studio and less complicated than you might think. All the pieces are printable templates. If it’s 9:00 p.m. on February 13th, this one might totally be the way to go.

valentines box for boy kids

What is a Valentine Box

Valentine’s Day boxes have been around for decades. They are very popular specifically in the US and the impetus behind them stems from activities students engage in at school. Essentially, it’s children designing, decorating, and making these Valentine’s boxes, but occasionally you’ll get an overzealous (or caring) parent who dabbles in the creation of Valentine’s Day boxes.

Valentine’s Day boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Hearts, animals, crocodiles, zebras, cupids...seriously, these clever boxes can be ANYTHING! The main purpose is to create something cute, unique, personal, representative of the things you like. Kids then put their Valentines, cards, notes, letters, candy, etc to their friends and classmates in each box.

How Do You Make A Valentine’s Box?

The easiest and most popular method of making a Valentine’s box is the old classic shoe box method. In fact, one time I remember a classmate, during my primary school days, Shane, who came to school on that special day with only a Payless Shoe box with the lid taped down and a small slit clumsily cut on the top. You can make these as simple as that (I’d suggest you don’t aim to be like Shane though) or as elaborate and decorative as you can imagine. And that’s the thing...the goal of this entire concept is to have fun and accentuate and personalize the holiday. That’s where the memories are created.

Therein lies the beauty of a Valentines Box: there are no rules when it comes to making these. Take a shoe box, wrap it in your favorite wrapping paper and then begin to decorate. Or begin with a theme in mind (think Star Wars or Unicorns or Llamas) and build from there.

1. Stickers (Amazon has some great ones)

2. Cut Outs (you can do a simple google search and find a ton of these)

3. Templates (Caution: You’re about to enter the Pinterest rabbit hole of Valentines day box ideas)

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