Valentine’s Day Mailboxes

Valentine’s Day Mailboxes.
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My kids love getting mail.  They usually have some kind of homemade mailbox hanging on their door for anyone who might want to randomly drop a line.  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we make a special mailbox to hold all kinds of goodies…letters, candy, little gifts.  It’s something they look forward to and they love giving/getting mail to/from everyone!  Check out some Valentine’s mailbox ideas around the web…

Cardboard Mailbox ~ Recycle a cereal box into a mailbox.

Felt Heart Mailbox ~ A simple heart to hold letters.

Duck Tape Valentine Box ~ Another recycled mailbox using a tissue box.

Bejeweled Valentine’s Box ~ A fancy schmancy box!

Popsicle Stick Mailbox ~ These simple supplies make it look like something you want to put mail in!

Robot Valentine’s Day Box ~  For the boys, you know…

Qbee’s Mailbox ~ Love how it looks like a real mailbox!

Valentine Mailbox ~ A great idea from Family Fun using a cereal box.

Conversation Heart Mailbox ~ Who doesn’t love conversation hearts!

Hope you find your mailboxes full of love letters!  Off to write some myself!

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