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EP 21: Rachael on Friday the 13th and Gratitude

An 10-minute episode about what made Friday the 13th the day we are the most grateful for.


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Episode 21: Rachael - Friday the 13th 



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The Phone Call You've Been Dreading Your Entire Life

God Could Have Stopped This

I found these posts searching through the archives to see what I had written about the accident in the past. I had forgotten about this post. I wrote them both just a week after the accident happened. 

Show Notes

References, links, and corrections from this episode! ​​​

CORRECTION: My kids were 8-years-old, 6-years-old, and 18-months-old when the accident happened. (MOM BRAIN: I said they were 6-years-old, 5-years-old, and 18-months-old. 1 of 3 ain't bad right?)




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EP12: Rachael + Erin - Our PSA For the Upcoming Holidays

Don't even think about the holidays until you listen to this episode.

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EP 19: Riley Jensen, Sports Psychologist on Mindset and How We Talk to Ourselves

This episode is packed! We talk mindset, tools to help us (and our kids) shift focus, and how to stop over apologizing.

Jodi Hildebrandt

EP 27: Jodi Hildebrandt on the Stories We Tell Ourselves and Getting to the Truth

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Mindy McKnight

EP 35: Mindy McKnight on Brooklyn and Bailey Leaving the Nest, Viral Parenting and What Scares Us All About Our Kids

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EP 18: Rachael + Erin, All the Things "Fall Edition"


Shannan Martin Writes

EP 22: Shannan Martin, Author of the Ministry of Ordinary Places

A conversation about "Radical Hospitality", the meaning of the word "Hygge", and making our family circles bigger.

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Bethany Hamilton Rip Curl (1)

EP 38: Bethany Hamilton on Being Unstoppable

"God had a better plan than I did."