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The 3 Things I Tell Myself Every Year After Christmas

There’s something magical and wonderful about Christmas . . .
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There’s something magical and wonderful about Christmas . . .and there’s also something about it that makes us lose our darn minds. It’s “much”. We buy too much, we do too much, we eat too much. At least I do . . . we go full Christmas gluttony at our house, and every year, I have a little twinge of guilt, knowing we need to chill out, just a little. 

Scale Back

Every year. Without fail. 

Leading up to Christmas I worry if we’ve gotten all the things the kids want, if it will be enough, if we brought the magic.

After Christmas morning and receiving gifts from all of the relatives, I’m always left saying, we need less, next year we have to do a smaller Christmas. 

Note to self: CUT BACK! The kids don’t need so much. But really. Listen this time. 

Slow Down

The holidays always feel a bit crazy. Parties with family, parties with friends, parties at school, service projects, Secret Santa projects, Christmas cards, neighbor gifts, friend gifts for all of the kids, teacher gifts, etc. etc. etc. 

All of these things on their own are wonderful, when you lump them all together December seems pretty hectic. 

Note to self: SLOW DOWN! Don’t commit to every little thing. 

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Stretchy Pants

Each year I tell myself I’m going to keep a lid on the holiday treats. And each year I wake up the day after Christmas with a full holiday food hangover. Christmas Day is the culmination of all of the bad choices I’ve made throughout the month.

And here’s the thing — I’d like to say that’s going to change next year. But let’s all just face it. It’s probably not. I’m still going to want just one more of my Grandmother’s Christmas rolls, I’m going to eat ALL of those homemade caramels you dropped off at my house, and I’ll likely eat all of my stocking candy on Christmas morning (especially the Reeses trees), followed by an all day brunch and dinner rotating through all of our relatives. 

It’s going to happen and I’m going to feel it. Right in my jeans. 

The reality is, no one should be putting their jeans on the day after Christmas. Instead, I’m instituting a mandatory 2 week period of stretchy pants ONLY.  Let’s come down off of the holidays one step at a time. 

Note to self: Buy some more stretchy pants with my Christmas money. 

So what now?

It’s Christmas Break! Slow it down and take advantage of the extra time (you hopefully) have. Take it easy on the caramels. Settle into a good movie with your stretchy pants, and go ahead and fall asleep 15 minutes into it. You’ve earned it. 

Until next year Christmas! I promise I’ll be better . . .

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