6 Holiday Appetizer Ideas

Tired of the old stand-by appetizers? Here are six new holiday appetizer ideas to kick-start your holiday party!

It's almost time to say Out with the Old and In with the New! Here are six new holiday appetizer ideas to replace your old stand-by recipes.

Old Standby: Cheese Ball and Crackers

New Idea: Baked Dill Havarti in Puff Pastry

Baked cheese is warm and gooey and can be served on bread or just with the pastry crust. We are having this tonight!

Dill Havari in Puff Pastry

Old Standby: Chips & Salsa

New Idea: Crispy Cinnamon Chips with Fruit Salsa

Bonus - This recipe includes pomegranate and kiwi, and the gals at Our Best Bites always deliver. Can't go wrong with this one.

Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips from Our Best Bites

Old Standby: Guacamole

New Idea: Quinoa-Crusted Avocado Fritters

Because deep frying and avocado really do go together thanks to Mary Sue and Susan.

California Avocado Fritters Appetizer

Old Standby: Shrimp Platter with Cocktail Sauce

New Idea: Spicy Steamed Shrimp with Buttermilk-Avocado Sauce

Okay, I'll eat a good shrimp anyway it comes, but adding some kick to the shrimp and having a cool, tangy dip is a nice change of pace.

Spicy Boiled Shrimp and Creamy Buttermilk Avocado Sauce

Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lisa Powell Bailey

Old Standby: Veggie Tray

New Idea: Bacon-wrapped Asparagus Bundles

This dish is dressed to impressed, so of course you'd guess the recipe was from Martha.

Bacon wrapped Asparagus from Martha Stewart

Old Standby: Spinach Dip

New Idea: Roasted Red Pepper Dip

One more fabulous recipe from Our Best Bites (and no, I'm not getting paid, just a huge fan!) Bring this dish to a party and you will be the center of attention! I promise you'll get a repeat invitation. Don't be intimated on roasting the peppers. Here's a how-to video to get you started.

What new appetizer are you going to try before the New Year?

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