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This New App Can Save You Some Serious Cash

I’m not a couponer. I’m not a deal seeker. I’m the laziest shopper you’ve ever met.
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The truth is, I hate shopping and it makes me angry. The only thing that make me hate shopping more is hassling with coupons (and searching through sale racks).

Our friend, Heather Wheeler from may have just changed my mind about deal seeking (or at least dialed down the rage a lot). For those deal lovers out there? I think we’ve found your heaven!

Check out the new Krazy Coupon Lady App!

Here’s what the app does:

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  • Choose the stores near you with geolocation
  • Create a shopping list and save deals for later
  • Post deals you find in seconds
  • Browse over 60 new deals per day
  • Learn how to save money like a pro with tips and tricks

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Totally fueled by human-power. Hand-selected, custom-curated coupons and deals for the products that women buy everyday. Ease of use, makes saving a snap. Saving money at the grocery store could not be easier!



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Better than coupons-new free shopping apps pay cash back!

Let’s face it- Living ANYWHERE (especially New York) is expensive.

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