5 Tips for Hosting a Lemonade Stand

5 Tips for Hosting a Lemonade Stand.
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It’s that time of year, when you see small-ish entreprenuers make their way in the world by peddling lemonade on hot summer days.

I never had a lemonade stand when I was a kid. I was too busy riding my bike around the neighborhood with my brothers.

I knew when I became a mother, a lemonade stand would be something I would have with my own girls.

The first time we hosted our lemonade stand, we waited for our community’s big garage sale to host our own lemonade stand. Due to our homeowner rules, we aren’t allowed to hold garage sales, willy nilly. We knew we’d get a lot more foot traffic on a big garage sale day.

5 Tips for Hosting a Lemonade Stand

  1. Fresh ingredients. All you need for great lemonade is lemons, ice cold water, and sugar. If you like to get fancy like we do, add pureed strawberries or raspberries. Also, a bit of basil in lemonade makes it over-the-top gourmet and delicious.
  2. Stock your stand with cups, napkins, and change for your customers.
  3. Decide on a fair price for your lemonade. If it’s fresh and using natural ingredients, you can charge more. If you just mixed some questionable powder with water, charge less.
  4. Create visible, eye-catching signage. Make it fun. My kids loved this part.
  5. Enthusiasm goes a long way towards a sale. Half the fun is the customer service, and waving happily at all the cars and people that pass you by.
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My daughters learned a few things that day we hosted our first lemonade stand. They learned that a lot of time and hard work goes towards earning money. They learned to be friendly and happy with customers, even when they were disappointed that cars passed their lemonade stand by. They also learned the pleasure of a job well-done when customers tasted their homemade lemonade and declared it to be the best they’d ever had.

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We sold out of our lemonade after two hours. The girls were thrilled by how good our lemonade was. They were tired from drumming up business, and they had a better concept of how hard their parents work. Me? I had a blast. In fact, I have a feeling I’m going to need to convince them to give it a go again. I’m so grateful I can feel like a kid with my kids. Maybe that’s why I stop at every lemonade stand, or cookie stand, or duct-tape creation stand I pass by. I love supporting kids and their endeavors.