Valentine’s Day Love Bingo

Do you want a fun activity to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family?
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Try Love Bingo! I like to incorporate candy into the game, just to keep things sweet.  The preparation for this game is super easy; just print out or draw a five by five grid for each family member, grab a piece of scratch paper and a bag of conversation hearts or other Valentine candy.

We started off with a short brain storming session listing “love” words on our scratch paper.  I always enjoy hearing what the kids think of when they think of love.  After we have a nice long list so every bingo card doesn’t have the same words, every family member chose their top 24 words, using a “free love” square in the center.  If you’d like to simplify you could use a smaller grid or have the bingo cards already ready to go.

Instead of calling B14 or whatever bingo number, we cut our “love” words on our scratch paper into strips and tossed them into a bowl.  One person drew a word strip, and then everyone who has that word gets to mark it with a conversation heart.  Whenever someone completed a bingo, they ate their winning row of candy.

This is a great activity on Valentine’s Day itself or as a warm up for the big day earlier in the month.  How do you bring a little love to your family to celebrate Valentines?