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The Week That Exploded

It happens every year.
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I decorate on time, plan a few formal activities and casual outings, and settle in for a calm Christmas season.

No, the week doesn’t explode because we let our kids play with Christmas lights and power outlets.

We volunteer for a project or two, I invite some girlfriends to have martinis, a Christmas party gets scheduled for the same night, family members change plans without discussion, and this-that-and-the-other. Suddenly we have a week straight with multiple plans each evening, almost no shopping done, a road trip ending in a Christmas exchange (of said un-shopped-for gifts), and I reach for the wine bottle and scratch “awesome photo Christmas cards” off of my to-do list. Because that clearly will not happen now.

If you can relate, leave a comment and we’ll all go to Bali and live in a teak treehouse for New Year’s. Just kidding, but totally serious in theory.

I posted about these wristlet key rings in August, but JUST purchased the ribbon and am probably, at this moment, cursing my sewing machine which is also known as The Curse of Eve. I also need to run to Sam’s Club and buy gigantic quantities of ingredients to make all the women these bread-in-a-jar things. Am I supposed to gift the buttermilk too? My gut says no. I don’t know how these things are supposed to go.

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My husband is in his workshop hand-crafting wooden gifts. Nothing like losing two weeks on your carefully crafted hand-crafted schedule when plans change. I can’t provide a link for his projects because he’ll put my hand in a lathe if I ruin the family surprises.

Meanwhile, my older son asked Santa for a jack knife and a Polar Express train. The later is not happening for a five-year-old, and the latter is $159. So…I’m trying to find some creative solutions there. Luckily, my little one would like a pretend jet pack and I found this one to make (ah, another handmade gift!).

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When I showed my husband, he declared that he can make a much cooler one.

Which we clearly have tons of time for in our relaxing Christmas schedule.

There are lots of fabulous gift ideas on our Today’s Mama Holiday Gift Guide.



The Week That Exploded

It happens every year. I decorate on time, plan a few formal activities and casual outings, and settle in for a calm Christmas season. And THEN...

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