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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

I’m resolving that this is the year that I get on the ball and create some Thanksgiving crafts with my kids.
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We’re going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. A few well-planned crafts are exactly what my kids need to keep them occupied while I’m rolling out pie dough and helping gran with the corn pudding.

Crafts for Thanksgiving

I think the kids would love to decorate this Thankful Tree, a simple gathering of twigs with tags to write their grateful thoughts.

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I still think the bunting trend has a bit more life to it, especially with this Thanksgiving Bunting, Thanksgiving Garland, and a dead simple Fall Leaf Garland.

Let’s kick it old school with these Leaf Paper Turkeys:

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Don’t want to limit yourself to Thanksgiving crafts? There are a bunch of Fall crafting ideas here.

I know I need to pare down so that I can throw down this Simple Thanksgiving Deco with aplomb.

10 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

If you need ideas for younger kids, preschoolers and even toddlers, I think Thanksgiving Crafts for Kiddos and Mamas and Kid-friendly Thanksgiving Crafting about cover all the bills.

A cute girl came up with this Turkey Leaf Hair Clip on her own!

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These Turkey Pumpkins inspired by Pottery Barn are charming. And, personally, I love that you can just toss the whole thing when you’re done, no storing anything.

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Fall-Themed Parties