Paper Plate Bunnies

Last fall, our family went on a paper plate craft spree!
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We made paper plate owls and paper plate pumpkins.  Do two things make a spree?  Maybe it just felt like a spree because we made them within a couple of weeks.  Anyway, spring has sprung and we made paper plate bunnies.  These little beauties are easy to make and entertaining.  You probably have everything on hand to make them this week!

Start with the obvious, paper plates (I like to use the cheap ones).  Pull out the crayons and markers to color on the face.  Then cut out two ear-shapes from white cardstock and staple to the top of the bunny’s head.  I like to punch a hole between the ears and tie a piece of yarn through to hang up the bunny.

I love how artistic my children can be on these because the project is so simple and leaves a ton of room for unique ideas.  Who knew there were so many different ways to draw eyes, noses and mouths!  It’s nice to have some unstructured, creative time every now and then to allow our children to let their imaginations run wild.  Since we work on them together, we get ideas from each other that springboard us to new levels of creativity.

This week, pull out some basic supplies and let your children use their imagination to its fullest extent (in a positive way).  Have fun with your children being young again!  I’d love to see what you and your children come up with.


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