Mother’s Day Gift Idea for Kids

Mother’s Day Gift Idea for Kids
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Locked inside every seed is unlimited possibility– a plant,  fruit, or flower may grow and develop, bringing joy and beauty with it. This plant then goes on to create its own seeds, offering an infinite continuation of this beauty. Seeds are tiny, unimpressive little things, but with proper care, they flourish.

And so it is with children. Each day we take these little seeds we’ve been given and we nurture them. We feed, bathe, and play with them. We read to them, sing to them, listen to them. We shelter them from the worst of life’s storms, give them plenty of sunshine and hope for the best.

And, oh, how they blossom! The bright blooms of flower petals are no rival to the light shining in a happy child’s eyes as he shares his excitement over a lost tooth or a found toy. The sweet fragrance of lilacs barely mimics the peaceful, cozy scent of freshly-bathed baby. The delightful crunch of an apple cannot compare to the first time you hear your child sound out the words on the page. Yes, children blossom, and it is spectacular to be a part of it.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and decided to use Mother’s Day as a way to pay tribute to those special women who have nurtured me and my family the way a gardener tends his plants. We purchased some pots and seeds, then I let my kids go to town painting them (because grandmas love stuff your kids make themselves, right?). And today, we planted our seeds gently in the earth (or potting soil as the case may be), ~~drenched~~ showered them with water, and set them in the sunlight. We have great expectations from these little seeds. May they grow to be a delightful mini herb garden for the grandmas this year.

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When we deliver the gifts, I think I will attach a little poem to explain.

“Just as a seed becomes a plant

Under the gardener’s care,

Your love has nurtured and strengthened me

I’m glad to have a mother there.”


Mother’s Day Crafts

Mother’s Day is May 13th! The best Mother’s Day gifts I’ve ever received are the sweet handmades from my kids.