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Last Wave of Summer

I was sad when a recent move ended four years of working with Cub Scouts.
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It didn’t last long; since I was just asked to be the Wolf leader for our local Cub Scout Pack. Yeah! My new role inspired me to look back at some of the fun activities I enjoyed with my last Wolf Den. Not surprisingly, I found a few great end-of-summer activities for the whole family. With temperatures still soaring close to 110 degrees, it’s always good to have fun indoor activities on hand.

Sock Wave

The sock wave is great for groups.  Everyone puts their socks on a flat sheet, and then grab the edges of the sheet like we did with parachutes in grade school.  They “wave” the sheet up and down until there is only one sock remaining on the sheet.  It is fun seeing whose sock remained on the sheet, and even more fun searching the room for the rest of the socks!

Tin Foil Boats

These can be enjoyed inside or out. Everyone gets a 6 inch square of tin foil to build a boat as they please. Test each boat’s floating ability by setting it in tub of water and placing pennies one at a time to see how many it can hold before it sinks.  Go back and make a second boat after seeing the results of the first attempts. I love sneaking some education in with our fun.

Marshmallow Octopi

No activity theme is complete without food.  This treat is not only fun to eat, they are also entertaining to make. Don’t hog all the fun for yourself – let the kids make their own. Here’s what you’ll need:

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  • Marshmallows (the bigger the better)
  • Twizzler peel-a-parts
  • Mini chocolate chips.

Peel apart the licorice, and push eight “legs” into the marshmallow to make it look like an octopus.  For the finishing touch, push in chocolate chip for eyes.  It is hard to get a picture of a completed octopus because they are eaten so quickly.  The one pictured already lost its eyes.

Take advantage of the last wave of summer with your family.

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