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Kid’s Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween will soon be upon us.
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Need some inspiration for your kid’s costume this year? In my opinion, the best part about it is seeing all the creativity that comes out in costumes. Here’s a few ideas for you…

I love how Design Mom brought the classic Rubik’s Cube to life in this costume!

Image placeholder title has a great DIY on how to make a Sandwich Costume for your cutie.

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How cute would a little mother/daughter Garden Duo costume be? Such a cute idea from Parents.

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How cute is this Toy Green Army Man costume featured on Instructables?

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How cute is this little Grandpa inspired from the film Up? Such a great costume for toddler courtesy of Auburn Soul Photography.

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Want to synchronize your family’s costumes? How about a family of S’mores from Family Fun?

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This Washing Machine costume idea from Real Simple is a great way to recycle a cardboard box.

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This Lion Hoodie from A Beautiful Mess is a great way to keep it simple.

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Another great idea from A Beautiful Mess, a Ragdoll costume!

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Your sweetie will look mighty sweet in an Ice Cream Cone costume from Better Homes & Gardens.

Happy Halloween costume hunting!


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