January is National Craft Month, Crafts for Kids!

January is National Craft Month, Crafts for Kids!
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We have been enjoying our crafts all month thanks in part to the ultimate craft store Michaels and using their fantastic iPhone app, I was able to find great things to do at super affordable prices!

I have learned that with a four year old and some of these cold, rainy days of winter (yes, it DOES get cold in Vegas! I just checked Swackett and the temp is 32 degrees!) I need to plan some fun and active indoor things to do or things can go a little bit wonky! There’s only so much Dinosaur Train or Handy Manny one can take! I knew I needed to take action when my Little Man heard the title of one of the shows and recited the entire story to me before it even started! Yikes!  Off went the TV and on to Michaels we went!

We love pretty paper  and stickers in this house and we found some sparkly, some with butterflies and of course, we found some adorable dinosaur fossil stickers.

However, the best find has clearly been the Window Crayons by Crayola.  Yes, the child was totally wide eyed when I said, “we can draw on the window with these!”  It didn’t take long before there were renditions of Mommy, Daddy, Gramma, the sun, aliens….I could practically see his brain turning and his imagination running.  And, shockingly, it is REALLY easy to clean!  I used a damp paper towel and in less than 3 minutes we had a clean slate!  

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I even picked up for myself the crayola fabric crayons for a t shirt that in my head is adorable!  LOL! I’ll let you know the end result.

Benjamin Franklin pointed out that, “The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up to it yourself.”

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