Hot Cocoa Party under $15

Hot Cocoa Party under $15
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What started out as a coping mechanism for me to survive my husband at war has turned into fun memories and great friends that will last a life time.

When my husband went to Iraq a few years ago, I started having little Sunday treat parties. Shaved ice, ice cream cones, cookies, nothing big, just the neighbors over to eat and shoot the breeze. After 6 months of those Sunday treats, it turned into a full fledged BBQ. I’m talking the works. Well, during the cold months everyone hibernates because we can’t run in the yard and have a water fight. So I wanted to do something fun for everyone and keep warm at the same time. I came up with The “Hot Coco Bar.”

Melt Chocolate chips on low, stir, dip mugs in chocolate and then dip in sprinkles.

Crush candy canes (box for .88 Cents) , pirolene’s for stir sticks (can for $2.00) , Hersey kisses for extra melted chocolate in the hot cocoa (bag for $2), chocolate covered candy cains, and marshmallows(bag for $1.00). Not pictured (because they were still drying) — dip large marshmallows in chocolate, add sprinkles or crushed candy canes. Put a small coffee straw in them (large pack at Wal-mart for $1.39, cut the straw in 1/2 ) stick in each dipped marshmallow for another fun stir stick.

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Crock pot Hot Chocolate- 8-10 people  – 14 cups of water, 16 tablespoons of milk chocolate hot chocolate (I used Nestle $4.50) add 1/2 C marshmallows, 1/2 Cup semi sweet chocolate chips, stir occasionally, stick on low heat or on mine I put it on 10 hours. Serves up hot and yummy. A fun alternative for neighbor gifts.



Homemade Hot Cocoa

Homemade hot cocoa is so much better than the watery stuff from a packet; it's like comparing the sole of a shoe with a steak.