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Girl Scouts Camporee 2012

I spent last weekend with my daughters, some friends, and 1000 other girl scouts at Camporee 2012
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This event only occurs once every three years (it takes that long for everyone to recuperate lol!!!). There were lots of tents, outdoor cooking and of course girl scout songs. Oh lest I forget, the 5:30 scream, “Spider!!” from the younger girls area of camp that woke me up. It was great to watch all of the girls play games. My troop is a bit older 11-16. We spent a lot of time gathered under some shade just enjoying each other’s company and making friendship bracelets.

We got the Friday morning kaper (chore) to clean some of the biffies (that is girl scout speak for bathroom or porta-potty). One of my girls looked mortified and said “Do we have to get the blue water out of there too?” Being the jokester that I am I said “Yes, with a straw.” I totally grossed her out. Isn’t it great when we get to gross out the kids for once!!! The next day as we were headed to the lodge the big truck was headed up to “suck out the blue water” and I pointed it out to her and told her “There is your straw.” Gross out X2. The rest of the weekend was spent with different derivations on that joke

As we were leaving I asked several girls what their favorite part was, they all said connecting with each other. That’s what it is all about.

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